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Proklaim returns with the breezy new single '4 ME'

Over these last few months, Namibian rapper Proklaim has been quick to cement himself as one of the more inventive names on the rise. Establishing his place on the scene with a flurry of tantalising delights in recent weeks, he keeps the vibes moving forward once again with his breezy new single '4 ME'.

Much like his glittering output in recent times, his newest release is another fresh and shining example of his proficient efforts of late. With that familiar and distinctive flow making easy work on its progressive afrobeats-inspired groove at every turn, '4 ME' continues to push the boundaries of his dynamic agenda once again.

Usually an artist with this much creativity occasionally has the odd stumble here and there, but Proklaim seems to be growing with more adventurous swagger with every release. Branching out his direction into new and interesting arenas once again, he stands as a true innovator on the rise today.

Enjoy '4 ME' below.



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