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  • Ami Row

Psychedelic pop duo Goodvibes Sound unveil their debut album 'The Institute'

Goodvibes Sound is the story of two friends: Alex and Angus. After meeting through a mutual acquaintance, they became friends over their similar music interests and the two began working in a studio in London in the winter of 2019, where they wrote 'The Institute' and created the Goodvibes world. Since their 2020 debut single, "Beachside Living", they've built a loyal fanbase with their upbeat, fun, and psychedelic music. The duo thinks big and it works - they performed alongside Nile Rodgers & Chic, played on the main stage of UK Big Weekend and are getting airplay in the UK (BBC) and France.

This is only the beginning for the two friends who have just unveiled their first album consisting of 16 tracks. “The Institute” is the story of a person who feels lost and alienated, and who embarks on a journey that leads to the discovery of the mythical Goodvibes Institute. Goodvibes Sound wrote the tracks based on personal experience.

If you're looking for a groovy atmosphere and catchy beats to relax or dance, search no further and listen below:

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