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Psyclo shares new track 'Smoke Screen'

Impossible to pin-point, Los Angeles’ Psyclo is refusing to be boxed in on her latest offering ‘Smoke Screen’.

After bursting onto the scene in early 2020, the Chinese artist has already left quite the impression; she compiles heavy metal, hip hop and alternative pop alongside samples of car crashes and war zones to deliver a sound that is entirely her own. ‘Smoke Screen’ is her most experimental yet, using haunting melodies and downtempo beats to create a track that is sonically arresting and unique. With her breathy vocals and witty yet eloquent lyricism to finish, it makes for a one of a kind listen.

Having gained success from her previous releases, such as ‘Freak’ which has amassed over 228,000 streams, Psyclo and her elusive nature are set to take the industry by storm.

Listen to 'Smoke Screen' here:

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