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Qtion unleashes ‘Quarter to 3’

Qtion perfectly captures the mood of a late-night reflective drive. Qtion storytelling is magnetic; he paints the scene of wanting to be with a girl that doesn’t have the same feelings for you. The feeling can be painful, self-deprecating, and frustrating. Engineered by Finchaproduction, many listeners can relate to the feeling of caring about someone who isn’t thinking about you. The song is delivered on a deep, dark, slow yet subtle uptempo beat, which matches Qtion feelings of sorrow.

When speaking about ‘Quarter to 3’ produced by Jon Cass (producer), Qtion states: "It's about wanting to be with a girl that doesn't have the same feelings for me. It's at night when the feelings grow stronger. Try calling but no answer and it gets frustrating. Every person has been through this situation once in their life where you sit in bed just thinking about someone you care about knowing they don't feel the same way and it hurts."

Listen to the full track below:

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