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Qwerty Mick drops 6-track EP 'If You Lived Here You'd Be Home By Now'

Returning with a bedroom-pop powerhouse EP, Qwerty Mick's heading firmly onward and upward. Opening outward with single Eternal Optimist, the record is a high-octane deep dive into on-trend indie songwriting. Likened to Mac Demarco and Alex G, Qwerty does what many of his peers do not, which is maintaining some individuality when operating in a crowded scene.

Discussing his latest venture, Qwerty explains:

“The EP name came from an old advertising campaign that consisted of these huge billboards that all said 'If You Lived Here You'd Be Home by Now', in an attempt to sell expensive houses to people while they were on their long commute home from work. When I was writing the EP, I was commuting 3+ hours a day in total to and from college and it was a large chunk of your day to be spending fully mindless. The name also worked as a metaphor for learning to be content with where one is currently at in their life. Though much of the EP is about a frustration with the state Ireland's in, it's also just as much about a personal frustration within, and learning to feel at home with where you're at at all times.”

The Irish producer-writer's record is truly promising, with vocal likes switching between spoken poetry and full-throated exclamations that sit above grooving drum samples and mid-noughties guitar work that is drenched in sun-shine reverb. Firmly a prospect to watch, Qwerty certainly has our stamp of approval.


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