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Rap duo Marlowe share new single 'Past Life' ahead of upcoming album

Rap duo Marlowe (comprised of L’Orange and Solemn Brigham) have just dropped their new single 'Past Life'. Its blues-tinged sonics and effortless flow come together to create an alluring hip-hop offering.

“It’s a tribute to an older era while also making it very modern”. L'Orange and Solemn both consider "Past Life" to be one of the upcoming record's highlights.

That's right, 'Past Life' is just a taste of a full-length record that's on the way, slated for release on October 28th. When speaking about the upcoming release, L'Orange shared:

“This album feels like a maturity to who we are as a group. We set out to make something that was big, energetic, fun and explosive and I feel like we did that without losing control. I feel likeSolemn and I are the best we’ve ever been.”

You can watch the video for 'Past Life' by Marlowe below:

Marlowe 3 is due for release October 28th on Mello Music Group.



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