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Raphael drops debut single 'Faith'

Singer, songwriter and producer Raphael has just released his debut single, entitled ‘Faith’. It’s a track that features punchy production, with multiple synths outlining the chords with different articulations. Space-aged and idyllic the synths go from hard-hitting stabs to lush pads to underly the vocals. The drums are equally dynamic, with the hi-hats having constant variations which keeps the track moving forward. The vocals are surrounded by the ever-catchy hook “Faith has a name” with the rest of Raphael’s vocal performance being from the heart and powerful.

This is an exciting release for Raphael showcasing his talents as an exciting start to his career. Alongside the track is an accompanying music video, following the journey of an astronaut to take a leap of faith into space. The track encourages us to take the same leap of faith in our loves.

Raphael comments on this concept, “Love is like an Astronaut and behind the mask there can be anyone, and the same is true for faith, if it had a name it would be love, and anyone would be able to feel it. The music expresses this universality in the song and in the music video.”



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