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  • Paul Riley

Rapper CKENT Shares Phenomenal New EP Blapman

Fast-rising Atlanta rapper CKENT has unveiled his brand-new EP, Blapman, an eight-track collection of straight-up authentic rap, which he appropriately describes as “all bars, no feats”. Having already experienced success with several previous releases, including “All Stars Freestyle” alongside Lil Yachty, the independent rapper looks set to continue his impressive run and reach new heights with Blapman, which is supported by a new single of the same name.

Falling in love with music from a young age and honing his artistry over the last few years, CKENT showcases his full repertoire of talents on Blapman, with the project highlighting his playful voice and accents, varied cadence and remarkable lyricism – a formidable combination that makes for an exciting listen. The entirety of the EP was produced by in-demand Detroit producer ENRGY BEATS, and the powerful synergy between each production and CKENT’s flow and delivery on each track is undeniable and results in Blapman being what can only be described as a must-hear project and his best to date.

Speaking more on the release, CKENT says, “Blapman is about me being in my own world, ‘Blapworld’. To ‘Blap’ is to make it happen or Believe Learn And Prosper (B.L.A.P).” As such, “Blap” isn’t just music but a lifestyle choice and way of thinking. The DIY rapper also has his own clothing brand, Blapworld, and new merchandise, including hoodies, varsity jackets and chef aprons, has been released to coincide with the Blapman EP release.

Clearly driving in his own lane with a strong vision of how he wants to present his talent and creativity to the world, CKENT is a fresh, dynamic and much-welcomed addition to the hip-hop scene and is undoubtedly an artist to watch out for. And he’s showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon, with plenty more content to look forward to over the coming months.

Blapman is available to buy/stream now on all platforms.

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