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Rapper LLUCID imposes his style with new release "Higher Energy"

Berlin artist Lucas Herwig, also known as LLUCID surprises with every new release and "Higher Energy" is no exception. This new track defies hip-hop conventions by fusing nasal rap with appropriate crooning and a scared energy in the chorus. Like many of his other songs, this one sticks out for being unique and not sounding like normal German music, where he's from. After "Cast Away" a month ago, "Higher Energy" adds to the anticipation for the album with the same name set to release later this year.

LLUCID elaborates on Higher Energy "[It] has a playful and uplifting vibe, but it is also deeply personal to me. I often struggle with letting go of control and allowing things to happen naturally.

In 2021, I embarked on a mission to rediscover the joy of making music. It had become my job by that time, and I felt like I had lost sight of the lightness that comes with creating purely for the sake of enjoyment. So, I left Berlin with a couple of friends to spend a week making music at Samy Deluxe's studio. The space is filled with art and musical instruments, and being able to make music there with my friends felt like a childhood dream come true.

One night, while listening to Yung Thug's "Hot," my friend Schuster started playing drums for fun. That impromptu jam session became the foundation of "Higher Energy." We wrote the song in one go, and to this day, listening to the choirs we recorded gives me the same joy I felt when we first created it.

The lyrics of "Higher Energy" are not just a reflection of that experience, but also a reminder to unapologetically be yourself and enjoy the process of creating without overthinking or overworking."

Watch the video below:

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