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RAZAtwn drops the almighty ‘Brwn Machismo’

Orlando’s RAZAtwn channels the likes of G-Eazy, Curren$y and Isaiah Rashad in his newest 5 track project ‘Brwn Machismo’.

Taking the listener on a journey, the narrative that flows through each of the tracks was created from the perspective of a South Asian male making it in America by showcasing his ready to die attitude.

This fearless rap artist showcases his compulsive lyrical flair and sincere lyrics amidst a mesmeric flow and underlying chilled beats in ‘Brwn Machismo’, and is a project not to be missed.

Entering 2021 with a whole lot to offer, the wordsmith intends to highlight the beauty of hardship, mental health and perseverance throughout each of his thought-provoking creations, and is set to break the mould amongst the hip-hop scene with his striking charm and tenacity.

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