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Jboz Shares Chilled R&B Stunner 'Cycles'

Catchy, melancholic and effortlessly accessible, the new single 'Cycles' from Jboz is a prime example of R&B pop at it's best.

Topped with Jboz's auto-tuned tinged vocals which shifts effortlessly from singing and to his pinpoint flow and back again, the track's chorus ear worm vocal line shines. Layers of soft synths top a bouncing bass line and a choppy dance beat to create an overall feel of melancholy whilst retaining an effortless danceability and commercial appeal. Talking about the new single, Jboz explains: “I created this song from the perspective of looking back on a relationship and seeing that it was more of my fault that it ended up sour. I had to take that look at myself in the mirror to see how I could have been better. I was the reason the relationship didn't work and I blamed my youth for not being mature enough to settle down.”

With a sound and musical ability akin to Drake, only time will tell if Jboz will mirror Drake's success, on the back of this single he certainly deserves it!

Listen below:

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