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Reece Lemonius releases 'Keeping On'

'Keeping On' is the newest revelation from London-based pop-sensation Reece Lemonius. The killer track is featured on Reece's 'Midnight' EP which went down a storm earlier this year. Loaded with 80s style nostalgia, Lemonius clearly has a knack for commercial records with some welcomed flair. Keeping On was written on just good vibes after talking about a failed relationship,” Reece says.

Reece’s debut single “Talk About It”, which featured production from Swedish DJ and music producer Mike Perry, gained a stunning 75 million streams on Spotify. This was followed by the melancholic track “Love Me”, which gained over 50 million views and counting across several platforms.

Reece released his first EP Comfortable in 2019 and started building upon his sound and catalog shortly thereafter. His newest EP Midnight is a culmination of this time of building and experimenting, mixing alternative R&B with a tasteful rendition of late 70’ s & 80s ́ retro elements and modern pop production.

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