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Reina Khoury releases iconic pop single 'Exist With You'

Receiving praise and placement from Spotify editorial's, LOCK, CLOUT, Music News and Daily Advent, it'll come at no surprise how 'Exist With You' is turning heads across the whole globe. Growing up surrounded by music from different genres in Arabic and English, Reina always tried to relate and listen closely to. When writing a song now, the songwriter feels there are certain feelings she can’t fully express with one language, hence why she sings in Arabic for parts of ‘Exist With You’ and English for others. Musically, the track is based around an iconic dance beat that could easily fill a dancefloor. Slightly European sounding as well, ‘Exist With You’ could easily be a household name if its put in front of the right people.

Speaking about the electrifying new single, Reina shares, “I first wrote the main sentence “I wanna forget the world for a while and just exist with you” while on the piano waiting for my then boyfriend, now husband, to arrive in London to visit me as I was doing my Masters. This feeling of just tuning out the whole world, with the noise and distractions that come along, and just enjoy every second we had together was such a strong feeling that made me want to cherish that moment, through a song. While creating it, my producer and I imagined a dreamy, euphoric feel for the song, and came up with melodies that were expressive of the fun times we ended up living in the studio with that idea in mind. It is a positive message that keeps me going back to the feeling of calmness and happiness whenever I feel overwhelmed. Reminds me to tune negativity out, focus on the good, and just be.”


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