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Infectious debut, Open To Love, from Abergale Bremner

Shaking off the lockdown cobwebs, Australian-based Brit Abergale Bremner has revealed her debut EDM inspired single 'Open to Love'. Infectious and enchanting from the very beginning, Abergale has created a sensual and addictive track.

“Birthed in late 2020 'Open To Love' is a simple reminder of the power we each hold when we choose to rise above the status quo and break free from conformity. With the changes and restrictions we have all experienced across the world this new, edgy EDM blend is destined to free you from the funk in your head and get you back feeling yaself."

At the heart of Abergale Bremner's music is a passion for create an all-consuming audio experience that frees her listeners from the confines of their own minds.

"The song wants to ignite the bigness of YOU, to power up your energy & blast open your heart. After some pretty crazy shifts in the world it's Abergale's prayer that this track supports you to come back to your body, have some fun and remember to LET GOOO and Open to Love.”

Outside of her musical career Abergale serves as the Visionary Artist and Co-Founder of Limitless Love. As a world class Feminine Embodiment Facilitator she has facilitated international retreats that focus on guiding women to reclaim their power and reawaken their sensuality. A theme that lies at the heart of her debut single 'Open To Love'.

Listen to 'Open To Love' here...

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