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REVIEW: Agi - Crying Past Midnight

West Yorkshire’s newest provider of power pop, Agi is making a stunning debut onto the scene with her mesmerizing single ‘Crying Past Midnight’.

A twinkling melody that consists of metallic drum beats, orchestral harmonies and Agi’s angelic vocals, the track is both delicate and delightful, weaving between intimate and animated with ease. The release is a peek at the new project from the Leeds artist, and with a glossy production finish from Benjamin Casey, has all of the shimmering qualities to make her a promising breakthrough star. Channelling the dreamy but energetic dynamics of Lorde and Julia Michaels, Agi evokes emotion through her tender lyrics, but also supplies a euphoric feeling that immediately makes you want to let loose, and managing to do so with her debut is an exciting tease as to what more she has to offer.

Describing the track as a “breakdown of a relationship” that is “very personal and close to home”, Agi takes her difficult experiences and turns it into something of beauty, as though the freeing disposition of the song is her letting go of these unwanted emotions. With a plethora of music under her belt set to be released later in the year, the singer-songwriter looks set to have a promising career ahead of her.

You can follow Agi on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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