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REVIEW: Agnes Azria - 'Daydreams'

LA based musician Agnes Azria is inspired by the world around her. A deeply intuitive singer-songwriter, her musical narratives are influenced by an interest in women’s rights, sexuality, immigration and mental health. Her music is a reflection of the numerous ways we are all interconnected and impacted by our environment.

Keen to unpack and critique established institutions, Agnes follows the release of her debut EP OVERTHINKER with her sophomore EP project KEEP IT SIMPLE – a body of work created “amidst the tumultuous experiences, complicated relationships and challenges life presents.”

Leading with new single “Daydreams,” produced by LA based musician Maddie Jay, the track is filled with hazy guitar melodies and Agnes’s silky-smooth vocals – transporting you to a richly romantic haven. “Daydreams’ is a track that was born based on my regular practice of simply fading into my thoughts,” Agnes explains.

“I pull back into my own trance so often that I sometimes think, ‘could daydreaming be problematic?’ But, for me, it is meditative and I find it a healthy form of escapism to help manage the stresses of life.”

Tune in.

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