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Review: Alex Frew - Something To Hold Onto

Alex Frew makes a dramatic entrance into the new year with riveting new single Something To Hold Onto.

Taking on a unique perspective, Something To Hold Onto is a vessel for the exploration of the human mind, more specifically a way for Alex to explore the workings of a vice as it takes a hold on a person. Using traditional pop tinged beats and a rich dark melody to set the tone for the narrative, Alex’s smooth sailing voice is a comforting presence as it relays the potent lyrics. Alex bares a brave face in this track as he touches on themes of anxiety, depression, self doubt and the toxic habits we as humans pick up.

The single is accompanied by a striking video that encapsulates the mood set by the song itself. Various shots of Alex set to a dark but remarkable array of lights set a backdrop to the lyrics displayed in the middle of the screen. At the end of the video Alex has also included the phone numbers for mental health support lines worldwide, further exposing his genuine humanity and care for all.

Something To Hold Onto is Alex’s first offering of the year but will not be his last, a musician with nothing but potential, expect a lot more from the Canadian native.

Tune in here:

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