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REVIEW: Alexa Kishner - Still Yours

New York's own Alexa Kishner has unveiled her brand new delicate pop anthem 'Still Yours' after the success of her latest single 'Hopelessly'. Reaching greater heights, Alexa Kishner is setting herself up for an incredibly year with this new track.

Enchanting the listener from the outset, 'Still Yours' is a captivating modern pop track that features slow building synths and airy beats throughout. A dreamlike soundscape serves to highlight the incredible vocal talent of this emerging artist, with her soaring pop vocals and exquisite melodies. 'Still Yours' tells the emotional tale of the toils, trials and tribulations of heartbreak:

“'Still Yours' paints the picture of a past relationship that you think you're over until your subconscious uncontrollably leaves you dreaming about that someone who used to be a huge part of your life. I think it's okay to be over someone and still think about the impact they’ve had on you.”

After winning the American Songwriting Award and a Music City Songstar Award, it is clear to see that the talent of Alexa Kishner is only beginning to be seen. With a slew of high quality and endlessly enjoyable tracks already under her belt, 'Still Yours' is just the latest shining example of her talents.

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