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REVIEW: Andreww - Shadow Love

Released today, British alterative artist Andreww has unveiled his latest offering, Shadow Love. Amping up the grunge influences compared to his previous release, Medusa. With a pulsing unrelenting beat throughout and a dark guitar line framing Andreww's intense vocals, Shadow Love is a distinct and powerful release from this incredibly exciting up-and-coming artist.

In promotion for his genre-bending track Andreww released a online video game that is both innovative and interactive. Andreww himself designed a 2D world while listening to this new track creating a treat for the senses.

Andreww shared:

"Shadow Love is basically about loving things that aren’t good for you. A love that lies over you like a shadow. The enjoyment of being reckless and wanting to not know better. It’s not even about a specific person or thing but more a mindset you go into the night with.”

With each and every release from Andreww becoming ever more stylish and sophisticated, the latest, Shadow Love, is filled with a youthful vibrancy and imbues traditional grunge music with modern trap elements creating a unique and enticing listening experience.

To play Andreww's new game, click here.

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