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REVIEW: Andy Keels - 'Dead To Me'

Surrey born singer-songwriter Andy Keels begins a new solo project with his debut single ‘Dead To Me’.

Packed with attitude and energy, ‘Dead To Me’ was recorded at the prolific Germano Studios in New York to work with the Grammy nominated engineer and producer Dave Rowland. Combining shimmering 80s inspired rhythms, classic indie rock drum patterns and mesmerising, graveled vocals, Andy Keels has created a magnetic first release.

Crediting Dave Rowland for bringing his debut single to life:

“The reason I chose this as the first single as it’s got great energy and it’s catchy, and I hope it will leave people intrigued to hear the rest of the EP over the coming months”

Andy Keels first made his mark on the music industry nearly two decades ago as the drummer, singer, and songwriter for the pop-rock band Twen2y4se7en touring with the likes of Westlife, Blue, and Sugarbabes.

Channeling the highs, and the lows, of his life into new single ‘Dead To Me’, Andy Keels is hoping to cement his place once again within the music industry with his debut EP due out this January. Tune in.


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