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REVIEW: Chxrlotte - 'Lullaby'

Hailing from Brighton, emerging artist Chxrlotte has returned to deliver her second release of the year, her brand new single ‘Lullaby’.

Garnering public attention after writing a song about the comedic fantasy series Good Omens, subsequently noticed and shared by the actors and producers of the show, her debut release has since racked up over 850k streams on Spotify. Now, Chxrlotte explores a new side of her sonic sound with her soothing new single ‘Lullaby”.

A perfect track for the midnight hours, ‘Lullaby’ is filled with shimmering piano melodies and midnight blue hues, leaving you with a sense of peaceful calm and serenity. A delicate and ambient energy, accompanied by an undertone of subtle synths, weaves its way throughout the stripped back and melodic soundscape. Providing a perfect cure to settle restless thoughts, the mesmerizing instrumental leaves you feeling tranquil and calm. And with Chxrlotte’s vocals at the forefront of the sonic landscape, her enchanting vocal harmonies will lead you into a deep sleep.

“Having a lullaby to listen to when I go to sleep is something I've always wanted from my favourite artists”, Chxrlotte offers. “I wanted the song to be as comforting as possible. What I find comforting is looking up at the sky and realising that in the grand scheme of things, none of the things I'm worried about are important, and everything is going to be okay”.

With more music soon to follow, “Lullaby” showcases Chxrlotte’s vocal prowess and her refreshingly candid lyricism.



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