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REVIEW: COLL - Blue Magic 3

British up-and-coming rapper, producer and songwriter, COLL, dropped his latest mixtape earlier this month. Deriving from his first single of 2021, L8 Nights, and then the insanely catchy Who's That, this new project is just the latest in a long line of infectious beats from COLL.

“Coldest Winter features Sleep's Cousin, another artist from the /east of England who is making big waves. I respected his work ethic and when we linked up in the studio we made a song we were both happy with after just 2 hours. When I had produced the beat I had to re-write my verse after I heard what Sleep's had done. He clearly wasn't playing around that day and It's always good to be kept on your toes. We both went in, no mercy.”

Boasting 10 infectious tracks, Blue Magic 3 is filled to the brim with thrilling collaborations and unmissable singles and interludes. Perfecting the classic 'mixtape' vibe while not sacrificing quality, the resulting project is fresh while paying homage to the greats of Hip-Hop.

"I made BM3 with the sole purpose of collaborating with other people I respect and I wanted it to be fun and something you can listen to on repeat. It's my third mixtape and I feel very blessed to have come this far and to have worked with so many talented people along the way. This is the final one in the Blue Magic series so I hope you enjoy it.”

Touching on relatable and heartfelt topics this thought provoking project has culminated in a self-reflective soundtrack. Passionate and hardworking, COLL embraces difficult topics and spins them within his autobiographical lyrical style, sharing more of himself than many artists twice his age. It is this aura of authenticity surrounding COLL that makes him one of the most genuinely exciting artists this country has to offer.

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