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Review: Confirmation "I Don't Want Your Number"

Berlin based alt-pop artist Confirmation has released his sophomore single, “I Don’t Want Your Number”.

This thundering track opens with an intricate retro inspired synth soundscape, the relentless pounding drumbeat lends the track an edgy rock atmosphere throughout. Confirmation’s raspy vocal performance only added to the harsh edge of “I Don’t Want Your Number”, the follow up to his upbeat single “Motorbike”.

Confirmation on the meanings within “I Don’t Want Your Number”:

“I just wanted to, in my own little way, tell some of those mean people out there that you're not gonna get away with being mean forever…”

Having taken a break from the music industry to focus on his day job as a social worker, it was there that Confirmation first met his future producer, Niko Stoessl. Together the pair have created a unique sound and worked to pave the way for what is sure to be a successful career for Confirmation.

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