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REVIEW: Emilia Tarrant - Honeymoon Phase

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Singer-songwriter hailing from Winchester Emilia Tarrant has unveiled her intense new single, 'Honeymoon Phase'. Serving as the first release from her debut EP of the same name, 'Honeymoon Phase' is haunting in its beauty and honesty.

Subtle in its power, 'Honeymoon Phase' is a sophisticated and refreshing pop ballad. The highly emotive lyrical content is only amplified by the passionate and entrancing vocal delivery. The ethereal soundscape featured within beautiful frames the soaring and emotional vocals of Emilia Tarrant. While her previous releases, 'If You Want Love' and 'Black & White', are both remarkable tracks, the personal growth you can hear within 'Honeymoon Phase' proves that this new track, and subsequent EP, mark a significant maturing of this young artists sound.

"'Honeymoon Phase' is based on the stereotypical fairy-tale beginning that most new relationships endure, and surviving the end of it. It covers the ebbs and flows of a new relationship, the choice we face whether it’s worth fighting for, as well as the inevitable cyclical argumentative stage: ‘we fight, we cry, we hug, we fight again’.

Aged only 19 Emilia Tarrant began her musical journey seven years ago, finding solace in her writing, stating that: "song writing is like writing a diary for me; each song comes from the heart and is a way for me to escape the daily stresses of life." Emilia took early inspiration from an array of artists she grew up listening to such as Jack Johnson, Foals, Coldplay, Moby, and Kings of Leon. Having since completed courses in music and media, this young artist is now focusing on her own career, and co-writing with other writers including James Walsh (from Starsailor), Joshua Keogh (from Amber Run), and Jonathan Quarmby (written with Tom Walker, Lewis Capaldi).

To have penned and performed a song as elegant and mature as 'Honeymoon Phase' at such a young age, Emilia Tarrant is only just tapping into the creative abilities within her grasp.

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