• bryony229

REVIEW: Emma Miller - 'Sail Away'

Scottish artist Emma Miller creates tender music to warm the soul. Back with her new track “Sail Away” , the single is further demonstration of her shimmering musical talent.

“Sail Away” is an ethereal slice of delicate indie, the delicate soundscape allowing Emma’s powerful lyricism to take centre-stage. “I wrote ‘Sail Away’ on a quiet evening at the end of 2018 when I was reflecting on what had been a fairly tumultuous year”, Emma explains.

“I wanted to write the song from the perspective of what a friend might say to me, rather than the critical inner voice we can slip into when we’re feeling particularly inadequate. I hope when people listen, they’ll be comforted in the knowledge that they’re doing just fine and no matter where you are in life, it’s ok to take the road less travelled.”

Following the release with a visually arresting video, they're a beautiful snapshot of her hometown, full of crisp autumn leaves and rolling hills from the Scottish countryside.

Tune in.