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REVIEW: Ena Fay - Because I Care

Enchanting. Ethereal. Emotive. Three words that perfectly encapsulate the stunning new release from Irish/German singer-songwriter Ena Fay.

Brand new single 'Because I Care' is a deeply rich and undeniably moving track that contains everything you could possible ever want from a ballad. From its tender melodies to the beautiful orchestral instrumentation, and its heartbreakingly relatable lyrics to Ena Fay's powerfully impassioned vocals, this track has it all.

Ena Fay shared:

"I wrote 'Because I Care' about two and a half years ago for vocals and piano. Extending this song to what it is now was a wonderful experience - I worked closely with James Cox who wrote the string quartet parts and Phil Kimber who added the slightly orchestral sounding drums. The song's meaning? It is about the pains and the beauty of caring for someone."

Ena Fay has also dropped a beautiful accompanying video recorded at the Arcola Theatre in London. The fiery passion at the heart of the track only increases tenfold when framed by such graceful visuals.

Oozing class and grace from the very off, 'Because I Care' is an unforgettable listen. Getting to the very heart of each and every listener, Ena Fay's emotional delivery has a way of warming the you from the inside out. With it's haunting beauty and all-encompassing sentimentality, 'Because I Care' marks the start of what is to be a remarkable year for Ena Fay.

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