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REVIEW: Gallowayyys - 'ROLLING'

"Rolling" is the newest addition to a growing collection of own brand tunes from new talent Gallowayyys.

Mirroring real life and psychedelic experiences, Gallowayyys has created his own unique blend of lo-fi pop and hip-hop. "Rolling" is a fluid track full of colour and energy, distorted synths and elements of electronica mixed in expertly. Gallowayyys unique creative process allows him to make music that has a feeling of complete independence and freedom.

He expands on the events leading to the creation of "Rolling" and the meaning in the lyrics, “it’s a psychedelic song about an experience I had while tripping with loved ones. At the end of the summer my friends and I booked an Airbnb in Galveston. There at the beach, under the stars, with the neon lights from Pleasure Pier in the background, I felt a deep connection to myself, my friends, and the earth. Ahead of the crew I went back and took a shower. As the warm rush of water ran across my face, I tuned into a frequency I hadn’t heard before. I felt an exhilarating wave of colors, love, and positivity enter my mind. ‘ROLLING’ embodies that feeling to me”

Gallowayyys spends his days travelling with friends, touring the great south and drawing on real life experiences for his music. He takes inspiration from the many people and places he finds along the way and immediately translates these discoveries into music that defines him.

Time and again Gallowayyys has proved himself as an artist with limitless creativity.



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