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Review - Grace Gachot's 'Built To Be Bad': A Heartfelt Symphony of Emotional Resilience

Grace Gachot's 'Built To Be Bad' is a proper emotional rollercoaster that takes you on a wild ride through the depths of heartbreak. Teaming up with Ollie Green, the track is basically a masterclass in capturing the genuine agony of heartache.

As BBC Radio1's Jack Saunders aptly puts it, "That, right there, that’s a special piece of pop music!" The drama in the storytelling is off the charts, echoing the emotional whirlwind of heartbreak. Grace's tussle with the kindness in her soul turns this song into more than just a bop; it's a full-on cathartic experience.

Grace's journey from musical theatre to pop stardom adds some serious layers to her work. Writing effortlessly in both English and Spanish, thanks to her multicultural background, she's got a global connection that few can match.

And let's talk about TikTok success—'Built To Be Bad' hitting nearly 700k? That's not just a win; it's a victory dance. Throw in the live strings orchestration, and you've got a track that doesn't just tug at your heartstrings; it orchestrates a full-on emotional symphony.

Comparisons to Lewis Capaldi and Madison Beer are spot on. Grace is carving her space in the pop realm with tunes that hit you right in the feels. It's not just music; it's a rallying cry for young girls, telling them to own their worth in the love game.

The music video, promised to be climactic, is like the cherry on top. It's the visual journey that complements the already deep track, making it a full sensory experience.

Now, quoting Saunders again, "It’s really hard to capture genuine heartbreak, and Grace finds the rhythm in the pain." Her willingness to lay her own heartbreak on the line, even when dealing with a bout of physical illness, adds a layer of authenticity you can't replicate.

In a nutshell, 'Built To Be Bad' isn't just a song; it's a damn exploration of human emotions. Grace Gachot's rise in the pop scene is more than deserved, and this track cements her as an artist who's not just about the talent but also the raw, unfiltered realness that leaves an imprint on the industry.

Photo Credit: Mollie Hosmer

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