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REVIEW: Irene Skylakaki - Souvenir

Alternative-folk singer-songwriter Irene Skylakaki has released her forth studio album 'Souvenir' via the Greek indie label United We Fly.

“A few years ago, I met Andres Mesa who was working at the studio of Phil Manzanera as a sound engineer at the time. He was familiar with my music and we started recording songs without a specific plan – sometimes this spontaneity creates a unique creative freedom which was the case in this collaboration. The recordings of the demos took place at Phil Manzanera’s Gallery studio which was the most precious experience. Andres’s fresh outlook on production was a driving power in the creation of the album."

Boasting 8 full length tracks, as well as an intro and outro, 'Souvenir' is a soulful and ethereal listening experience. The delicate and dynamic soundscape features clear influences from a wide variety of genres, non more prevalent than on the hauntingly beautiful "Thank You. For Good Science" that showcases a dark and rockier atmosphere than its counterparts.

"We had a lot of musicians and friends contributing their talent over the years and the album lacks homogeneity in sound but is connected through a deeper cause: recording individual songs that we are happy with irrespective of their style."

Originally hailing from Athens and now based in London, Irene Skylakaki has released three prior studio albums: 'Wrong Direction (2012)', 'Before Dawn (2014)', and 'Matterless (2018)'. Having been featured in TV commercials and film soundtracks, and having played a number of prestigious festivals, Irene Skylakaki is proving herself to be a force to be reckoned with with her latest release, 'Souvenir'.

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