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REVIEW: JenMarie - One Try One Nite

US artist JenMarie is back with her latest feel-good track “One Try One Nite”, effortlessly blending together pop rhythms and an afrobeat swing.

After the warm reception to her debut single, “Livin’ Life”, JenMarie has further developed her sound on new track “One Try One Nite”. Combining light upbeat synths, her captivating and catchy vocals, and the stylish off-beat percussion courtesy of Epiq ‘The Illustrator’, “One Try One Nite” is a memorable and dazzling second release.

JenMarie opening up on the meaning behind “One Try One Nite”: “(it’s) about a woman who is letting a man know he only has one night to prove that she should give him any of her time.”

“One Try One Nite” spreads a message of joy and empowerment, and with a delicate alt-pop inspired soundscape JenMarie’s vocal talent takes centre stage, marking her out as one of the most thrilling young artists.

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