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REVIEW: John Roseboro - Mere Mortal

American singer-songwriter John Roseboro has dropped his latest delectable offering, Mere Mortal. With it's sweeping and subtle soundscape consisting of eloquent and enchanting lyrics delivered in the hushed crooning of John. Infused with a multitude of emotions, Mere Mortal is a distinctive and intensely smooth listen, with an undeniable amount of charm oozing throughout the track.

When asked about Mere Mortal John Roseboro shared:

“The song is about wanting something to live (and die) for. It is the first single and opening track from the upcoming debut album “Human Nature”.

While Mere Mortal may be a delicate and reserved single, the mystical lyricism John Roseboro showcases leaves very little left unsaid. With, hopefully, plenty more to come from this captivating new artist, we for one will be waiting with bated breath .

Released earlier today, you can check out Mere Mortal below...

You can follow John Roseboro on Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Spotify


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