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Canadian musician, artist, and cultural revolutionary Just John has dropped the lead single, “Open Wound”, from his debut EP This Is Fate.

Preaching a message of peace, love, and harmony, Just John is hoping to become a new type of ‘rockstar’ by embracing his weaknesses and weirdness in equal parts, with the hope that his fans follow suit. Blending together influences from multiple genres within his music, Just John has created an entirely unique and idiosyncratic soundscape in lead single “Open Wound”. Opening with a simple strumming of the guitar, the unrelenting and ever present drum beat soon bursts through the track. Vulnerable and relatable flows are the clear focal point of the track, “Open Wound” manages to mar together emotionally charged vocals with classic hip hop beats.

Just John discusses the track “Open Wound”:

“This is for the dreamers, the misfits, the ones who never give up even when they’re down, unheard or misunderstood.”

Just John, otherwise known as John Samuels, previously worked with partner and producer Dom Dias, and together they released a collection of successful singles such as, “Soundboi”, “Minutia”, and “Pull Up”. In addition to his music he is also focusing on spreading a clear message of self acceptance, enlightenment, and the power that can be found in vulnerability. Just John is hoping to spread this message through his music, blending together his artistic and philosophical vision into a perfect package of enlightenment and entertainment.

With his debut EP, This Is Fate, set for release on November 27th Just John is carving out his very own lane, storming through the music industry with the thunderous lead single “Open Wound”.

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