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REVIEW: Keir - Say Love

Hailed by the BBC as an artist with the possibility to change everything, Keir has released his latest single "Say Love", the final of his new E.P. 'A Thorn With A Face'.

Ever the soulful songwriter, Keir has packed "Say Love" full with love and longing in equal measures, the emotive lyrics showcasing the very best of his talents. Boasting an arena-rock inspired drum beat and an angelic melody, "Say Love" is a staggeringly moving and captivating ballad that manages to both break and mend your heart.

Keir on his inspiration for "Say Love":

“‘Say Love’ is a story of forgiveness, it’s hard to describe really. Life doesn't always work out how you planned, to experience love even in fragments though, is really a beautiful thing.”

Completing his new E.P. 'A Thorn With A Face', the deeply enchanting "Say Love" is available across all streaming platforms today!


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