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REVIEW: Khamsin - 'A Lifetime Staring At You'

Rising French electronic artist Khamsin showcases his unique artistry and distinctive approach to production with the release of his latest single “A Lifetime Staring At You”.

Releasing several highly acclaimed remixes over the last few years, and garnering support from around the world, Khamsin has been honing his craft and developing his own space within the electronic music world.

The latest in a series of singles, “A Lifetime Staring At You” is a dazzling spectacle of vibrant synths and warped electronic beats. With a captivating and melodic energy, the glimmering instrumental and skilled production immerses you in the sonic word of the song. Delivering a mesmerising soundscape that leans heavily upon a rhythmic electronic composition, Khamsin’s soft vocals melt effortlessly into the melody.

Talking in more depth about the meaning behind the song, Khamsin explains “I remember the exact day I wrote this song. I knew the relationship I was in was coming to an end and I was weirdly relieved. There is so much stress and anxiety around a crumbling relationship, and while it is very sad, at some point you just want to move past it. I was trying to focus on the positive side of this and I discovered that, despite the end of us, I was changed in a good way. I grew from the experience”.

The final installment from his new project Led By The Sun', “A Lifetime Staring At You” marks the next step in Khamsin’s artistic journey.

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