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Review: Kitty Montague - 'Always On My Mind'

Fusing an intoxicating blend of savvy pop beats, with melodic vocals drenched in soul, emerging singer-songwriter Kitty Montague is back with another stunning release - her new single ‘Always On My Mind’.

Delivering a unique brand of candid and provocative writing, her poetic lyricism highlights and explores her empathetic understanding of the human condition; as she delves into discussing universally relatable situations, emotions and complexities - especially those surrounding feminism. A rising talent, this has seen her achieve a spate of impressive accomplishments including supporting Gabrielle Aplin for Banquet Records and performing with Sofar Sounds and Secret Sessions. Her new single ‘Always On My Mind’ is the latest example of her captivating talent. 

Following on from her previous single ‘Bad Boy’ - which saw Kitty say goodbye to toxic relationships; ‘Always On My Mind’ draws instead on an almost juxtaposing topic as she turns her attention to the comfort blanket of relationships. Throughout the track, we see Kitty explore a narrative of introspectively looking at her own behavior, as she dwells on the confusing temptation to go back to a past relationship. With raw emotion and honest vulnerability, she captures this relatable and universal topic perfectly.

As the first note hits, it’s Kitty’s vocals that are at the forefront of the track; with powerful and emotive energy filling the sonic landscape. With soft and melodious harmonies, the gentle cadences of Kitty’s voice are doused in soul, and draw you further into the immersive and unique world she has created within the song. Maintaining a stripped back melody, the subtle addition of twinkling synths and light R&B beats weave their way across the glimmering soundscape; enchanting and captivating you completely.

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