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REVIEW: Laurel Smith - Game Over

North London based singer-songwriter and performer Laurel Smith has dropped her new edgy alt-pop track, 'Game Over'. Blending together classic hip-hop beats and moody dreamlike vocals, 'Game Over' boasts an enchanting and captivating soundscape. The unique electronic synths present throughout help to create an effortlessly idiosyncratic listening experience.

Laurel Smith expanded on her inspiration behind 'Game Over' :

“'Game Over’ is a dark, atmospheric track with a driving chorus. It’s about a vicious cycle: being in a situation which you try everything to get out of, but always finding yourself back in the same place you began. Like a character in a video game, every time you die you are regenerated at the start. I wrote the track during a low point in my life where I felt I had no control over anything anymore. I hope others can hear the song and identify with the same feelings I was experiencing."

At only 18 Laurel Smith has already got two years of experience under her belt after writing her first songs at aged 16. Having since been on a journey of honing and defining her sound, Smith released her debut single, 'Mona Lisa' back in 2019. The at times hypnotic 'Game Over' marks the beginning of an enthralling and promising career for one of the UK's most exciting young artists.

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