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REVIEW: Leena Voxx - 'My Hair'

Leena Voxx, a London based singer-songwriter has dropped her latest single “My Hair”.

“My Hair” stands out as a memorable track from Leena Voxx, full of mesmerising melodies and enchanting synths patterns that showcase her astute vocal prowess.

“In my early teens I was already tall, about a head taller than pupils my age, including the

boys. I became an easy target to poke fun of and I always wondered why people didn’t like me. What’s so wrong with me?” Describing the thoughts and experiences that many young people experience Leena Voxx expands, “I was constantly excluded from things and it was difficult. It used to upset me all the time and I went through emotions such as insecurity, anger, frustration and I used to cry about it. I called the song ‘My Hair’ because girls at school used to pick on me about my hair all the time.”

Heavily influenced by artists such as Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera, and Whitney Houston, Leena Voxx’s marvellous vocals were first showcased under the name Leena Ojala, but after taking a two year hiatus she returned rebranded. Since then she has gone from strength to strength focusing on developing and harnessing her talent.

“My Hair” is a triumphant return from Leena Voxx.

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