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REVIEW: Lodge - Happy Medium EP

Los Angeles based producer Lodge has dropped his latest witty and incredibly engaging EP ‘Happy Medium’, boasting five tracks.

Written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Lodge himself, ‘Happy Medium’ is an upbeat and self reflective body of work. Undefinable, each track has clear influences from numerous genre staples from pop, house, and hip-hop, all the while maintaining a sense of youthful exuberance and fresh soundscapes. Lodge’s humour seeps through every line of the EP in the form of his witty lyrics and stylish instrumentation resulting in an amusing and engaging collection of tracks.

Lodge explains that “It’s all about finding a balance in life, having fun responsibly.”

Lodge, full name Garrett Lodge, having often released music under the names of others, is now hoping to further cement his own name with his latest efforts. Released as a follow up to his EP earlier this year, ‘Lodge House, Vol I’, ‘Happy Medium’ is a refreshing and unique body of work, perfectly showcasing the development of his sound.

This latest release, ‘Happy Medium’, strongly points to a promising and exciting future for the up-and-coming producer.


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