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REVIEW: Michigan Left - Capsize

Filled with an untamed sense of urgent and raucous energy, Michigan Left's brand new album Capsize is a mystical and magical listening experience that perfectly encapsulates the mesmerising, and sometimes mischievous, energy of this young band.

Kicking the album off with a 5 minute instrumental track, 'Reborn', Michigan Left are not holding back on this record one bit. From the soaring and exhilarating soundscape's of 'Capsize' and 'Faux Undertow' to the hectic and somewhat darker tones of 'Static Joy' and 'All is New', this album has something for everyone. With more delicate and subtle vibes found on tracks such as 'Grey', the youthful and vibrant vibes that flow through the very heart of this album are present in their most honest and refreshing forms.

Frontman Josh Slater told us spoke to us about their new release:

"Originally, “Capsize” (the track) was written as an encouragement to a friend. They were going through a really tough stretch and I wanted to let them know what they meant to me. In the context of the record, the song is a rebirth. It’s like you’ve fallen apart and it’s time to pick up the pieces. I guess that’s why we called it “Capsize”. It’s like you are giving yourself over to a certain kind of death, knowing that it’ll lead to new life.”

Serving as their first album since their debut in 2018 with Nothing Is to Color, Capsize is a captivating and fearless collection of pioneering tracks that are as intense as they are inspiring setting Michigan Left up as a band to watch!

You can follow Michigan Left on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube


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