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Review: Naama Guggenheim - ‘Shot In The Air’

Naama Guggenheim has released yet another hauntingly beautiful soft R&B track in the form of ‘Shot In The Air’.

The melodic track effortlessly intertwines a jazz-infused guitar line with a mellow electronic beat that is complemented by the exquisitely heady vocal performance from Naama Guggenheim. The lyrics, that are strikingly personal and raw, provide a sense of vulnerability that flows throughout the entirety of the track.

As her music often does, Naama Guggenheim keeps femininity at the forefront of her writing, only accentuated by her soulful voice she allows for sensitivity to wash over the listener until they have no choice but to drift away on the delicate melodies within.

Naama shared some detail about the track: “When you've got no back to lean on, it's time to throw in the towel. This one is the full surrender - the let go. ‘Shot In The Air’ is the moment of truth - do I trust myself enough to go after my dreams?”

Shot In The Air’ is a melancholically soft R&B classic that somehow manages to maintain a sense of hopefulness throughout.

Naama Guggenheim is set to release her highly anticipated album in 2021!

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