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REVIEW: noelle - Hope You're Happy

Serving as our last sneak preview of her upcoming album due early next year, noelle has unveiled the spellbinding single 'Hope You're Happy'. This stunning and sultry pop offering is the empowering anthem that we all need to hear. The Toronto based newcomer has put her thrilling vocal talent on the front lines in her recent singles, but non more than on 'Hope You're Happy'.

Shedding insight into her inspiration and creative intentions noelle shared, "’Hope You're Happy’ was a really unique song for me to write. I’m so passionate about creating sad ballads about love but I wanted this one to be more powerful for the listener. We’ve all been faced with the situation of seeing someone we loved with a new person and while we want to take the high road, sometimes vengeance is the real emotion that stirs within us.”

Having cut her teeth on YouTube posting covers, old and new, growing her following to over 94K, noelle is transforming herself into a remarkable artist in her own right. Serving as one of the only tracks that came to fruition in the studio and not noelle's bedroom, this collaborative track and its stunning music video show a new ruthlessly dramatic side to her music.

“Shooting this video allowed me to stand in my power, thinking about every person who has had to walk away from a relationship that wasn’t working for them. To me, smashing that mirror signifies the destruction of what was and a return to yourself, finally letting go of the person who was holding you back.”

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