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REVIEW: Nora Lilith - Daysof8

Released yesterday, Nora Lilith has unveiled her latest easy listening masterpiece, 'Daysof8'. Serving as the second stunning single from her upcoming EP, this creative cacophony makes for an insanely hypnotic listen.

"The name 'Daysof8' feels representative of days where one is able to energetically hold love. the number 8 is structurally and visibly similar to an infinity symbol. To me, true love is an act of extending oneself for the sake of another’s growth. This act is infinite- infinitely doable and experientially infinite. It also makes me think of symbols of duality and balance, like yin/yang, an interplay between two forces that are fluid and symbiotic."

Paving the way for a new era of her career, Nora is boldly embarking on an intimate journey of self-exploration and discovery. Pulling on many elements of lo-fi she is creating a mesmerising and enchanting concoction of electrifying beats.

"Upon discovering the Soundtoy’s ‘Alterboy’ plugin, I wrote this track, as well as 'Yolk', (another track on my upcoming EP) - both on the same day. I was really just experimenting with this vocal tone, and it excited me to be able to manipulate my voice to such a degree. I laid down the drums first, then the bass line, and the vocal melody came pretty naturally from just hearing that initial groove. Lyrically, 'Daysof8' is about the synthesis of recognizing your own limitations and mistakes in a relationship whilst wishing the other to be free from the clutches of those shortcomings. It's a confession of one’s own attachments and desperations, and a statement of loving release of that hold and an encouragement to ‘go’ be free.”

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