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REVIEW: Novacane - Bad Breath

Pysch-pop band Novacane hailing from Eugene, Oregon are making their triumphant return after a brief hiatus with brand new single 'Bad Breath'. Following on from their previous two projects 'Pretty Colours' and 'Comfort Food', the trio have created yet another track filled to the brim with their signature blend of bouncy, foot-tapping angst.

With indie and shoegaze influences present from the very off, 'Bad Breathe' has just the right blend of nostalgic riffs and wistfully fresh vocals. Formed of three high school friends, the trio continue to break through any sonic boundaries set before them to create an entirely quirky and idiosyncratic sound. Consisting of Dylan Latimer on vocals and guitar, Oliver Lester on bass and Zach Clifton on drums, Novacane infuse their music with their own unique artistic influences, intense vulnerability and an eternal sense of divine youthfulness. A feeling that they have further highlighted in the accompanying music video.

Looking like a trailer for a coming-of-age Netflix show, every aspect of the music video expertly matches the vibes at the very heart of the track itself. It's dreamlike 80s colour palette is offset by the dramatic, and slightly dark, undertones present as the video closes out. It is nigh-on impossible to take your eyes off the screen as you watch the story of these three 'friends' unfold before you.

It is one thing to make a track that is reminiscent of another era, but it another thing entirely to create something that not only pays homage to the original influence but also develops upon it. The energetic, dynamic and infectiously captivating soundscape Novacane have crafted in this track go above and beyond, and earn them the title as one of the most transformative and thrilling young bands.

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