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Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Japan's music giants OdAkEi and SARUKANI join forces under the acclaimed MNNF label for the rip-roaring new single '9 Lives'.

Produced by Ryosuke "Dr.R" Sakai and SO-SO of SARUKANI, all sounds within '9 Lives' have been created using human voices, which makes this vibrant and vivid listening experience even more enthralling.

With a heavy-beat behind it for over half the song, '9 Lives' takes a turn just after the two-minute mark as it blossoms into a funk-tinged beatbox breakdown. One thing '9 Lives' proves is that OdAkEi and SARUKANI will never cease to amaze their listeners with the twists and turns throughout what is a larger-than-life musical odyssey.

The new single arrives alongside a dazzling music video that visualises the feline proverb that inspires the track. OdAkEi tells us more: “The title ‘9 Lives’ is a reference to"A Cat Has Nine Lives," which evokes the indomitable tenacity of a cat that perseveres against all odds to achieve its goal.”

OdAkEi is an emerging Japanese rapper, singer, actor and YouTuber. After first emerging in 2021, his debut single ‘6’ reached #12 on Japanese iTunes all genres chart. His YouTube channel ‘MIKIODA’ has recently topped 1.3M subscribers, with his followers on TikTok over 730k and millions of views.

SARUKANI are the Japanese human beatbox crew comprised of SO-SO, RUSY, KAJI, and Kohey. At the world beatbox competition Grand Beatbox Battle 2021, held in Poland, SORRY (SO-SO & RUSY) became the first Japanese to win in Tag Team Loopstation category, and SARUKANI became vice world champion in Crew Category.


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