• natasha4126

REVIEW: 'Overthink' by Updog

Honest and open alt pop star Updog is back with this quirky track, Overthink.

The track's lyrics touch on the emotion of fear and thinking patterns in an existential crisis, paired with the eccentric and pop production is a true innovative style.

“I think I say ‘overthink’ at least 50 times in this song, so we can all take a certain guess at what the subject matter is about… don’t overthink it! This song, like the EP, is quirky, weird, fun, playful, and most importantly… 100% me.”

With previous support from Spotify Editorial, leading YouTube music curators (MrSuicideSheep, xKito, Nightblue), as well as features on Hilly Dilly, Magnetic Mag and CULTR – it’s safe to say that updog continues to keep us intrigued by his ever-evolving stories and sound.