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With cinematic ballads and lavish soundscapes, RAIGN transcends and inspires with her signature vocals and grand orcestrals. And her latest project is no exception. The follow on from her expressive alt-pop single “Causing Love”, RAIGN is now back with her new double album SIGN From Above. Mesmerizing us with her captivating ethereal elegance, the 21-track project is a glimmering masterpiece filled with romantic ballads and boundary-pushing pop.

Gaining traction within the music industry and showcasing herself as an artist to watch, RAIGN has rapidly been building an impressive reputation for herself. In addition to her collection of breathtaking singles, she has also found her music being pulled towards the world of feature films, with her single “Now I Can Fly” landing a spot on the trailer for the Netflix film Tall Girl and the soundtrack to their 2020 film Desperados.

Alongside “Now I Can Fly”, SIGN From Above features a range of her highlighly anticipated songs, in addition to 12 fan favourites from the original project. With the focus laying on her formidable vocals and opulent cinematic soundscapes, it is this that draws you into the grand and enrapturing world of SIGN From Above. As she delivers a mass of outstanding melodies, and transports us into this majestic sonic landscape, the expertly crafted production ties the whole project together and brings the fantastical to life. Utilising a range of dynamic orchestrals, a number of these sessions were recorded with a live ensemble - a truly innovative addition.

The next step in her artistic journey, SIGN From Above is a beautiful and expressive record that enables you to get lost in its glimmering elegance and pop-romanticism.



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