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REVIEW: Ray Dawn - Boston

Atlanta-based hip-hop artist Ray Dawn has unveiled his latest track “Boston”.

With an infectious beat and captivating flows, Ray Dawn has mastered the traditional hip-hop landscape, and then some, on his newest release, “Boston”. Featuring an underlining and understated upbeat jazz inspired instrumentation that sets this track out against not only Dawn’s earlier material but also the hip hop genre itself.

“Lately I’ve been enjoying the process of letting go - allowing my story to unfold on its own time. The bigger the goal, the longer the road. “Boston” is a reminder to myself that the marathon continues.”

While also pursuing his passion through his music, Ray Dawn also works as a corporate writer for a large bank. Focusing his time on honing and perfecting his talents, “Boston” is just the latest single from one of the most exciting emerging hip-hop artists of the moment.

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