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Review: Summer Payton "Mouth Dry"

R&B singer-songwriter, producer, and musician Summer Payton hailing from Chicago has released a new single, “Mouth Dry”.

Framed by a soft R&B inspired instrumentation, “Mouth Dry” is an incredibly sultry song filled with longing lyrics and a sensual guitar track. The seductive and addictive “Mouth Dry” is a stunning example of the exquisite vocal talent of an emerging artist.

Summer Payton on the meanings behind “Mouth Dry”:

‘‘‘Mouth Dry’” is an exploration of a long-distance relationship. A metaphor for an expression of loss, speechlessness, hopelessness.”

Discovering her passion for music at a young age, Summer Payton has been surrounded by music her entire life. Channeling her energy into songwriting as a form of escapism before moving onto study musical composition at New York University Tisch School of the Arts. Since then Summer Payton has travelled the world performing live and defining her uniquely alluring R&B soundscape.

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