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REVIEW: The Hideaways - You're Everything

Known for their distinct, all-encompassing sound, The Hideaways are exploring a new avenue with their striking new track ‘You’re Everything’.

The follow-up to their previous release ‘Soho Bedroom Party’, their new offering is soaked in emotive lyricism, floaty synths and strokes of futuristic electronica that exhibits the Bristol band’s dynamic flair. With whirring riffs and a rollicking rhythm, they create a rich, distorted soundscape that is texturally exquisite. “It's the most electronic song we've recorded so far. We've flirted with that side of things before but with “You're Everything” we really wanted to lean into it and get all glitchy and frantic.” they explain, “Obviously we made sure to keep boatloads of guitars in it and Jack is still battering his drums just in case people are worried that we're turning into a Depeche Mode tribute act.”

Already cultivating a fanbase within the scene, their previous tracks such as ‘I Can See Pluto’ and ‘Luminescence’ have racked up over 41,000 streams on Spotify collectively, and their perfectly unpredictable new approach is set to take them far this year.

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