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REVIEW: Trafton - Black Water

The unique self-taught producer and artist Trafton has dropped his latest ambitious and undefinable track “Black Water”, co-produced with Luke Davis.

Filled with reverb-soaked synths and relentless heart-racing percussion, the hazy dreamlike soundscape of “Black Water” is highlighted further by the soft and evocative vocals of Trafton. Both haunting and entirely captivating, it is a memorable and dynamic track that serves as another perfect follow up to the success of his debut EP ‘Ice Boy”, released in 2019, that has already amassed over 1.09 million Spotify streams.

Trafton explains the messages within “Black Water”:

“Black Water is about conflicting images of the self and the fear of one’s own deepest desires..., reaching a tension so high that everything stops. To me it feels like the eye of a great storm..., a surreal moment of profound rarity and significance that I tried to bring to life through the production."

With many more releases planned for the next twelve months after the warm reception to “Black Water”, Trafton is set to take the industry by storm in 2021.

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